Banditos beat ManaLight 3-0 in ESL UK Premiership LoL final

The British Banditos

Renegades Banditos have won season 3 of the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership.

They beat ManaLight in three straight games to lift the trophy. Cameron Peberdy provides a full match report below:
Before game one, host Matt Andrews discussed day one events in the semi finals as well the previous showings of both of these teams in the ESL regular series and at Insomnia 57. Both teams looked ready to go with some pre match jokes between everyone.
ManaLight head coach FrozenDawn believed that the series could go either way, Banditos support Hiva seemed to disagree stating it would be a “3-0 stomp because ManaLight are a bunch of randoms”.

The Teams


  • Rifty – Top
  • Phurion – Jungle
  • Larssen Reborn – Mid
  • Smiley – ADC
  • Hadow – Support

Renegades : Banditos

  • Alphari – Top
  • Maxlore – Jungle
  • Caedrel – Mid
  • Yuuki60 – ADC
  • H1iva – Support

Game One

Banditos’ bot lane hit level 2 first and aggressed onto the ManaLight bot lane. A level 2 advantage for Yukki and H1va saw H1va securing first blood with a flash auto attack onto Manalight ADC Smiley.
The game continued to advance with kills being picked up by Banditos and the superior vision control that they had gained. Maxlore ganked the mid lane of Caedrel which was followed up with a flank of H1va, H1va secured a kill on ManaLight’s Larssen, and a 2v1 in the top lane saw Maxlore secure a kill on Rifty. ManaLight fought back and managed to catch Maxlore in their jungle, with the kill going over to Larssen.
Kills were traded for both sides – this showed us that ManaLight were still able to hang on in the game and stand their ground against the Banditos team, even with Banditos showing an aggressive game plan.
At 23 minutes, a 5v5 fight saw Manalight come out on top, securing two kills and Banditos securing one kill. Alphari followed up his death in the previous fight by teleporting to the top lane in which the Banditos secured three kills and the first baron of the game.
At 31 minutes, Caedrel went large on Lissandra with the Banditos able to clean up and secure four kills. They followed this fight by destroying the nexus and winning game one.

Game Two

In the early half of game two, Banditos’ sub Maxlore showed an aggressive jungle playstyle. A 3 minute gank by Maxlore in the bot lane gave one kill to Maxlore and one kill to H1va. Phurion was around but unable to help Smiley and Hadow.
Maxlore used the gained advantage to rotate midlane and secure a kill onto Phurion, meanwhile a 1v1 top lane followed by a Maxlore roam from the mid lane meant Alphari was able to kill Rifty.
ManaLight attempted a dive in which they managed to secure two kills on the bot lane of Renegades Banditos, but ManaLight spent too much time coordinating the 4v2 dive which meant that Maxlore and Caedrel could push elsewhere.
Banditos looked to push the second tower with only Larssen there to defend, but not for too long as Caedrel secured the kill.
Maxlore and Caedrel managed to secure the second tower mid as well as the inhibitor tower of ManaLight, leaving an open inhibitor.
21 minutes in, Renegades Banditos secured the first baron of the game and looked to push in for all inhibitors of ManaLight; Banditos started a team fight in which they looked to close out the game.
Banditos picked up kills on ManaLight with a near ace, securing the nexus and game 2 of the best of 5 series.

Game Three

ManaLight started the game off with a lane swap which saw them secure the first tower top lane, meanwhile Alphari secured bot lane tower for Banditos.
Banditos and Manalight both responded to this trade in towers by mirroring each other and trading towers yet again. Banditos secured their first tower top which enabled them to pick up an easy and uncontested Rift Herald.
Maxlore used Rift Herald and rotated between both towers mid lane to dive and kill Larssen.
At 11 minutes, a team fight saw both sides backing off, but Maxlore was on the hunt as Nidalee to secure 2 kills and 2 towers.
ManaLight looked to make a stand in their own blue side jungle as the Banditos looked scrap – and scrap they did. The Banditos won the fight and managed to secure 4 kills as well as the second Rift Herald of the game.
18 minutes in, a team fight in the bottom side engaged by ManaLight onto a lone Caedrel. However, the rest of Banditos were there to back him up and Alphari secured himself his first triple kill of the weekend.
After a big team fight, Larssen was the only person left to defend for ManaLight.
23 minutes in and it looked to be the last teamfight of the game. Banditos secured a clean ace to end the game and win the series 3-0.

Post Match

Did everything go as planned?
Frozen Dawn Of ManaLight: “We didnt know how good Maxlore would be with them and we hadn’t played against this roster. Not everything went as planned, but our plan was made with pockets of knowledge.”
Alphari of Banditos: “We didn’t plan, but Purefect did, and that really helped us for the series.”
FrozenDawn on what’s the next step for ManaLight: “We will look to enter battlegrounds.”
Rifty of ManaLight jumped in to say: “FrozenDawn is boosted and we are sending him off to the Turkish leagues.”
Purefect of Renegades Banditos on the Challenger Series promotion tournament and whether they can make it into the Challenger Series: “I think we will destroy everyone in the qualifiers and we will take challenger series by storm – we will teach those animals a thing or two.”

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