i57: Belgian Rocket League team Sector One beat UK's TCA 4-3 in final

rocket league i57 sector one tca final 1

Belgium was victorious over the UK in the Rocket League eSports tournament at Multiplay Insomnia 57 yesterday evening.
Belgian side Sector One (left) beat UK team TCA (right) in the grand final, winning £1,500. TCA picked up £750, while third-placed Great British Pounding left with £500.
The final was a very close match, with the game being taken to a seventh round after both sides drew level at 3-3.
At the end of the seventh round the score was tied 1-1, and in overtime Sector One managed to get a goal at the death to clinch the victory.
TCA, while gutted, should be proud to have finished second place after putting a team roster together just last week.
Check out Sector One’s reactions in the video below (TCA’s interview to follow).
Football with cars is proving to be increasingly popular. The Rocket League eSports scene is on the up, with developer Psyonix announcing the Rocket League Championship Series earlier this month – a three-month season boasting a total prize pool of $75,000.

eSports News UK interviewed Sector One to get their reaction to the win:

And here’s our post-match interview with TCA:

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