SC2Improve launches new UK StarCraft II tournament

The SC2Improve community is looking to promote UK and Ireland players in a new local StarCraft II competition.
Starcraft II has been one of the smaller eSports scenes in the UK for a while now.
In comparison to the other eSport titles, StarCraft II has had no real competitive environment outside of LANs. This is unlike LoL, CSGO, Dota 2 and Hearthstone that have had NUEL/ESL and other competitions externally.
SC2Improve is looking to fill that gap for competitive SC2 players in the UK and Ireland, so that local talent gets more of an opportunity to compete.
A tournament called ‘Spring’ will be the first of multiple UK and Ireland StarCraft II events this year.
Jonathon Ward said on the SC2Improve website: “‘Spring’ will be the first of multiple events this year in which you will be able to watch the best StarCraft players from the UK and Ireland come together and compete on a regular basis.
“This tournament is a replacement for last year’s UK and Ireland Summer Series, which had to be cut due to scheduling issues.”
There will be a U-Series Spring format with a £150 prize pool, with eight players (five invites, three qualifier places) competing in a round robin group stage with best-of-five matches, and a Proleague-style single elimination playoff for the final four.
The K-Series Spring format will have a £25 prize pool and this will be open to all UK and Ireland players. The registration cut off date is March 25th.
The tournament is also being sponsored by UK organisation Molotovs & Marshmallows. The org’s founder, Kalvin ‘KalKal’ Chung, said: “As an organisation whose roots are in the UK scene, I’m happy to help support tournaments like the SC2Improve UK & Ireland 2016 Series. Wardí does a great job running tournaments and I hope the support we give will bolster the tournament forward to creating a better scene.”
The tournament is also accepting community map submissions.
Any interested parties that would like to compete can head over to SC2Improve to find out more.

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