Memes of the month (and other silliness): February 2016

We know we’re late with this month’s article but you’re going to just have to deal with it™.
Some of the drama was off the scale this past month, but Rob has spoken so here’s some of the nonsense we’ve gathered for you.

Disclaimer: Any tilting this article causes is not the responsibility of eSports News UK; any grievances should instead be taken up with Rob Allen immediately.

The Peter Goldingay column for casters seemingly whatever the f*ck he wants

As always there’s a few from Peter this month. Please go check out his Twitter or something, he produces a lot of creative eSports art.

Speaking of Cliff…

Cliff comes back from the dead

After being banned by Riot and Team Infused dropping his League of Legends team this season, Cliff took some drastic measures before attempting to come back and play. Unfortunately, ESL said no.

Other Cliff weirdness:


What’s in a name?

Obviously nothing according to ESL’s UK Premiership broadcasts.

(we love you really ESL <3)

Is he Joekering?


Zz’Rot in hell

Coaches reach their next destination: Nutri’s Twitter page



Some nice Photoshoppery from the Fiddlesticks maestro this month:


Barnetto really hates Kogmaw



Scrolling down Cody’s Twitter page is like putting your hand into a bargain bin. There’s a heck of a lot of crap in there to sift through, but occasionally you can find a gem or two.


The secret to ENUK’s news sources?

Thanks to Tridd for these beautiful images and animations this month:


Alicus “TheRock” Johnson?

Right, that’s your lot this month. See you at i57 where I hope there will be many more memes (if I survive).
Our meme aggregation articles are just supposed to be a bit of fun, so if anything has upset you, please let us know

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