How much money does Gross Gore make? UK League of Legends streamer accidentally reveals earnings

Would Gross Gore join a UK eSports team?

UK League of Legends streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen earned over £100,000 from Twitch donations last year.
Ali was broadcasting on his stream last night when he accidentally clicked on his Twitch donations page, showing it for a brief moment.
The total shown was £106,033 which Ali says is the amount of donations he’s received over the past year.
He later said in a Facebook post: “Dear viewers, tonight for the first time I got drunk in months and I accidentally showed my past year of donation amount. Now, I don’t want anyone to judge me in any way, but in case you do see the picture, i just wanted to say, I hope you don’t judge me or stop watching/donating as I had not an idea to show this.
“I really appreciate every penny and was just showing a conversation between me and this hot girl Helena and I clicked it. Holy crap, I feel so embarrassed over everything, but anyways, I appreciate all you guys and love you all so much.”
Grossie also promised his viewers that he wasn’t ‘trolling’.
The £106,000 figure is from donations and doesn’t include any other earnings Gross Gore makes from sponsorships or other deals.
The amount means Gross Gore earns more than the highest-paid UK eSports pros.

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You can check out a screengrab and video of the moment below:

Image credit: Lewis Bradshaw/Ali’s Facebook page

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