Vince Clarke announces new eSports organisation Team Senses

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Choke Gaming’s former manager Vince Clarke is forming a new organisation to mark his re-entry back into the UK scene.
He called his new organisation Team Senses, stating that some players use their sixth sense or intuition to dominate the games they play.
Vince made the announcement during an online talk show hosted by another UK organisation: TCA eSports.
The Talking eSports show aired on Twitch and was hosted by TCA’s analyst Marek Walker.
The news comes after Vince departed his former organisation Choke Gaming in January.
He previously told eSports News UK that if he couldn’t get the Choke name back, then he would start a new team, which he now has announced.
Vince said that he was looking for a League of Legends and CSGO team interested in joining the organisation.
The current players that form part of Team Senses are two Street Fighter V players and Choke’s former Dota 2 team. Vince has also brought two partnered Twitch streamers on board.
Former Choke member Luke Short has also joined as team manager.
Team Senses has also acquired the Twitter account of disbanded organisation Total E Circuit (TEC).
Three sponsors have backed Team Senses: Crucial Ballistix, GT Omega and Online Key Store.
Vince stated that more information will be announced tonight through social media channels. Check his twitter for updates.
Here is the Team Senses website, which is currently slated as ‘coming soon’.
Any interested parties can email [email protected]

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