Team Paria coach targets top four ESL UK finish

daniel rook team paria coach 1

Team Paria is hoping to qualify for Season 3 of the League of Legends ESL UK Premiership – and go on to finish in the top four.
Paria finished in the bottom half of the table during Season 2, but the team’s new head coach Daniel “Rook” Wiitanen hopes his side can do better in 2016.
“Not only do I expect us to win qualifiers this split, I am also setting the mark at us making top four in the league of eight,” Daniel said in a TwitLonger post.
“I am fully aware of Team Paria’s lacklustre season in the previous split. I am going to work very hard with our CEO to not only improve the League team, but it is also my goal as a former business management major to ensure Team Paria is a growing and prosperous team with resources, so in case I ever leave, I leave them in a good position.”
Daniel also hopes to increase awareness of the UK eSports scene, and says that age is not a factor holding him back.
He added: “I plan to help make the UK League of Legends scene more noticed by others who think of it as a joke or as a smaller league that shouldn’t be focused on.
“I am fully aware I am most likely going to be the youngest coach in the UK or pretty much any league at the age of 20, but my age will not limit me.
“As far as tactics go, I cannot release any of mine I have been working on, but I will say this: I watch a ton of LPL and LCK, so you might see some really nice cheese at some point.”
He also revealed that Team Paria will reveal its full roster shortly after its upcoming try-out phase.
You can follow Rook on Twitter here

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