'It's great to be back in the UK LoL scene' – Perilous Gaming acquires Team Red Dragon players

Perilous Gaming has returned to the UK League of Legends scene with a new team.
It has acquired the roster of Team Red Dragon, who will now be playing together as Perilous Void.
Team Red Dragon finished eighth in the League of Legends tournament at i56 last month, taking home £150.
In the past, Perilous had a different UK League of Legends team called Void, before bringing in a second team known as Rift. Both teams had success to some degree in the UK scene, most notably at i50 when they finished first and third, but Rift was the most successful of the two.
The two teams also played one another in Riot’s 4Nations tournament in 2014.
Mick Hartley, owner of Perilous Gaming, told eSports News UK he has a lot of memories of both Void and Rift, and is happy to return with a new Void team.
“It’s great to get back involved with the UK LoL scene after some time out and our focus on expanding in other areas,” he said. “We have a fantastic history with both Rift and Void, but in recent times it has been difficult to find the stability of a team with the right ambition.
“The team want to further solidify themselves within the top eight following their eighth place finish at i56, which would also mean competing in the UK Premiership if all goes well. It’s not going to be easy, with very few actual rosters around now and mostly decent stacks it’s difficult to know who will be competing at the top.
“Hopefully the dedication of the team, together with the help of the infrastructure we have in place, can help them achieve that, and ultimately get them competing as best they can.”
Perilous’ new Diamond-ranked team is as follows:

  • Adam “Inferno” Baxter – top-lane
  • Ryan “Ryan” Newman – jungle
  • Steve “Goreface” Hockley – mid-laner
  • Ollie “morbidlyAbeast” Drew – ADC
  • Alex “Synygy” Winton – support
  • Tomas “Chin” Davis – manager
  • Josh “Furn” Furneaux – coach

Coach Josh Furneaux has won several tournaments in the past, and coached Team Alternate – one of Europe’s top all-female League of Legends teams.
Team Red Dragon has also played in the ESL UK Ladder in the past.
Perilous added in a statement on its website: “The team are ambitious and have the determination and drive to succeed, as well as a fantastic setup and overall great attitude to growing and improving,”
“We are nothing short of excited and incredibly happy to have such a dedicated bunch in our ranks, and as we re-open our LoL division, we are all excited to see just what lies ahead.”
Team manager Tomas “Chin” Davis commented: “With our top eight finish at i56, this has only given us more drive to improve and be a serious contender in the UK scene. We will be working hard towards i57 to prove to everyone that we are a great team and that Perilous have made the right choice in reviving their League division.”
Other teams are also eyeing entry into the ESL UK Premiership, including Gaben Laser Beam – check out our interview with them here.
Multiplay Insomnia57 (i57)takes place at the Birmingham NEC from March 25th to 28th.
Perilous has also introduced its new Dota 2 team.

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[…] in the Riot-affiliated 4 Nations tournament back in late 2014. Since their absence from the scene, they recently acquired the team Red Dragon who finished eighth at i56 and look to make their mark on the scene once […]


[…] Perilous Gaming has returned to the UK League of Legends scene with a new team, after acquiring the roster of Team Red Dragon. Read more about Perilous Gaming here. […]

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