Choke forms UK super team for i56, signs Tundra, Maxlore and potentially Alphari

Choke's line-up for i56 (left to right): numlocked, Maxlore, DxAlchemist, ChewedUp and Tundra

Choke Gaming has brought together some of the UK's best League of Legends pros to play at i56 this weekend, including Maxlore from ESL champions Team Infused and UK veteran Tundra from FM-eSports.

Choke has also resigned former players DxAlchemist and ChewedUp.

The full roster is as follows:

  • Seb "numlocked" Barton - top-laner
  • Nubar "Maxlore" Sarafian - jungler
  • Divit "DxAlchemist" Bui - mid-laner
  • Ruben "ChewedUp" Rodriguez - ADC
  • Jamie "Tundra" Duthie - support

Choke Gaming's owner Vince Clarke told eSports News UK he'd like to sign the talented 16-year-old top-laner Alphari as well.

Doing this would keep the wombo combo partnership of Alphari and Maxlore together (we may have to start calling them Maxphari). It would also bring in a solid replacement for numlocked, who is leaving the League of Legends scene after i-series to join G2's Overwatch team.

"Maybe Alphari will join us after the event," Vince said. "I don't know -we'll have to see who's available. This line up may be just an i56 thing, but I'm hoping for longer."

It's understood that Team Infused and FM-eSports aren't playing at i-series this weekend.

Choke players The Hadow (support), Joekerism (ADC), Dongs (jungler) and Ravenno (mid) have all left the team, following their semi-final defeat to FM in the ESL UK finals last weekend.

DxAlchemist rejoins Choke after departing Exertus Esports, while ChewedUp is returning to the pro scene.

ChewedUp left Choke before the summer to play for Ex Nihilo with Maxlore. He later left League for a stint but now wants to play again, and has already reached Challenger solo rank again.

We also heard that The Hadow may be joining FM, but he has since contacted us to refute the rumour.

Image source (ChewedUp): Choke Gaming/Esportspedia
Image source (other four players): ESL |,  S.Choucino

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