Exertus Esports looks set to change UK LoL roster – video interview

Exertus Esports’ jungler Dan Newton has told eSports News UK his League of Legends team is likely to experience some big changes.
“We will probably stop playing as a team, we’re trying to decide what we want to do closer to the next season,” he said in a video interview, after being knocked out of the ESL UK Premiership League of Legends semi-final by Team Infused.
“I will probably stop playing competitively and I think it’s going to be the same with a couple of my teammates. But we’ll see what we want to do around January/after Christmas.
“Technically, the [ESL UK Premiership] spot would remain for Exertus. So if they can get another team, it’s fine by me. I’m not going to say no.
“If we do decide to play, I’m sure they’d be fine for us to carry on, but from what I know, they don’t have expectations for us to stay. I think they’re aware that we’re probably going to stop after this, anyway.
“I think they’ve got aims of picking up a new team – maybe not a UK team, but at least a Challenger team, so we’ll see.”
UK League of Legends team roster have been known to change often, but with Choke’s top-laner numlocked stepping down from the League scene to join G2’s Overwatch team, what was the reason for Dan and others leaving Exertus?
Dan explained: “I think mainly for us, it’s not other games – it’s just time. I’ve got a full-time job now, so I’m doing that. I don’t really want to put in the hours aafter I get back from work to practice, so I think it’s about time I stopped now.”
You can check out the video interview here:

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