Origen beat Flash Wolves 3-1 to progress to the semi-final – Worlds Match Report

Origen beat Flash Wolves 3-1 during the first 2015 League of Legends World Championship Quarter Final in London.

Flash Wolves started brightly in the first game, picking off xPeke early on and not letting Origen engage, but as the match progressed, Origen came back into it.
Around the halfway mark, Origen took the baron, before SoaZ pulled off a stunning Pentakill to pull Origen forwards. This set the scoreline to 9-9, and from then on it looked like Origen would be the team to take the game.

xPeke led the line from then on, and Origen went on to tidy up, winning the match after some aggressive pushing across the bottom lane.
The second game was a much closer – and slower – affair. At the 20-minute mark there were only a couple of kills each, but as the game progressed, Origen took a tighter stranglehold towards the end of the match, pushing hard mid to take the game after 40 minutes.
Game three was possibly even quieter than the second game. NL (Caitlin) for Flash Wolves performed well, going 3/0/2 up, while Amazing (Gragas) went 2/0/0 up.
Maple picked up a double kill on the 29th mark to put Flash Wolves 8-3 ahead.
Flash Wolves got their revenge on Origen at the 30-minute mark, with NL nicking the baron, just like Origen did in the first game, putting them ahead 11-4.
It was NL again leading the charge top to take Origen’s final turret in that lane. At this point, NL was unstoppable, almost taking down Origen’s champs in two crits.
Flash Wolves had a 9k gold lead at the 37-minute mark, with eight turrets taken to Origen’s four. They also took their third baron in the 39th minute, pushing on to lead 12-4.
After another push, Flash Wolves took the game. 2-1.
Guess what? Game four had a bit of a slow start too. Flash Wolves went 2-0 up by the 11-minute mark, and it was surprising to see Origen fail to ban NL’s Caitlin for this match after his stellar performance in game two.
A big team fight took place bot around the 20-minute mark, with Soaz, Amazing, xPeke and Niels picking up a kill each, leaving it at 4-4.
Origen put their front foot forward from this point onwards, winning a few team fights over the next 15 or so minutes to go 9-6 up. Niels was leading the way as Jinx, with a score of 5/1/3.
A superb push top gave Origen the victory, sending them through to the semi-final against either SKTelecom or AHQ.

Player picks: Game 2

Flash Wolves (red)
Steak – Malphite (top)
Karsa – Elise (jungle)
Maple – Viktor (mid)
NL – Jinx (ADC)
SwordArt – Morgana (support)
Origen (blue)
Soaz – Lulu (top)
Amazing – RekSai (jungle)
xPeke – Anivia (mid)
Niels – Kalista (ADC)
Mithy – Tahm Kench (support)

Player picks: Game 3

Flash Wolves (blue)
Steak – Gnar (top)
Karsa – RekSai (jungle)
Maple – Viktor (mid)
NL – Caitlin (ADC)
SwordArt – Morgana (support)
Origen (red)
Soaz – Darius (top)
Amazing – Gragas (jungle)
xPeke – Orianna (mid)
Niels – Jinx (ADC)
Mithy – Tahm Kench (support)

Player picks: Game 4

Flash Wolves (red)
Steak – Irelia (top)
Karsa – RekSai (jungle)
Maple – Viktor (mid)
NL – Caitlin (ADC)
SwordArt – Thresh (support)
Origen (blue)
Soaz – Lulu (top)
Amazing – Elise (jungle)
xPeke – Anivia (mid)
Niels – Jinx (ADC)
Mithy – Morgana (support)

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