Not even an actual earthquake could stop FM eSports winning this League of Legends match

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A League of Legends player for UK-established team FM eSports suffered an earthquake mid-game this evening – but his team still managed to pull through to win that particular game.

Hatrixx, a Norway-based EU West Challenger I player for FM eSports, experienced the earthquake towards the end of the match, but FM went on to beat To Infinity and Beyond in game two, putting the score at 1-1 (after Infinity won the first game).
The two teams were playing on the PGL Twitch stream.
The pair were taking part in the PGL Legends of the Rift Season 1 tournament, which boasts a $50,000 prize pool.
Hatrixx said during the Twitch chat after the game: “There was an earthquake here. A  huge *** one in Norway.
“And I didn’t feel *** wth.”
He used the pause function to help deal with the situation.
A few other people online also reported the earthquake on Twitter.
Thankfully, Hatrixx was fine and was able to continue playing in game three. Unfortunately, To Infinity and Beyond went on to win that match, giving them a 2-1 victory overall, putting them into the winners bracket and FM into the losers bracket.
Still, that’s surely something impressive to throw onto the CV, Hatrixx. It brings a whole new level to being distracted mid-game. It goes quite a way beyond the cat-on-keyboard levels of distraction.
Hats off to you.
(See what we did there? We’ll be leaving now. Seriously though, we hope you’re okay Hatrixx.)
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