Best Next Gen Games of 2015

E3 has been and gone, and gamers have duly been left salivating at the mouth – counting down the hours until the release dates of some of the most eagerly anticipated Next Gen games in history. We’re going to look at three of those titles and offer insight of what you can expect once these titanic titles hit the shelves and digital stores around the globe.

You’re spoilt for choice as we move towards the final quarter of 2015, which means that however you choose to spend your voucher code for stores such as ToysRUs, you’re certain to pick a winner.
The Uncharted Collection
Coming to stores on October 7th, the Uncharted Bundle will revisit the globally acclaimed, multi-award winning, Uncharted Trilogy. Fans are in for a treat as the saga, which comprises Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception; will be getting the Bluepoint Games treatment as the games will be remastered in glorious 1080p at a breathtaking rate of 60fps – taking full advantage of the powerful engine of the Next Gen Playstation 4.
The Uncharted Collection is where it all begins again, as you once again parachute into the jungles of Borneo, hot on the trail of the fabled El Dorado treasure. Return to the snowy mountain tops of Nepal and experience the thrills of taking out an army helicopter whilst standing atop a train en-route to uncovering the truth of the Cintamani Stone. Take a trip back to Nathan’s murky past, as you cross paths with Sully for the first time in a series of flashbacks and attempt to stay one step ahead of a supernatural cult with bad intentions.
The game isn’t just getting a makeover, however, veterans will be enticed by all-new game modes, including a ‘Brutal Difficult’ campaign, promising to push expert players harder than ever before. Although details relating to how the difficulty will be increased are scarce, players should expect heavily-armed guards to appear earlier in the story, a scarcity of ammo and gameplay changes that will necessitate a full mastery of Drake to conquer its challenge. For those new to the series, or content with enjoying with the series has to offer without the rage-inducing difficulty of the ‘Brutal’ setting, an ‘Explorer’ mode has been added; promising less enemies and a much gentler setting in which to appreciate the mastery and technical expertise of the Naughty Dog team.
We’re hoping that the changes to the game-modes aren’t just simple slider changes which give enemies the ability to withstand a ridiculous amount of punishment or that give Drake near invincibility from the enemy onslaught. Instead, introducing Uncharted 3’s ability to throw back pesky grenades to both Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves would help keep casual players on board, and experienced players would appreciate a more polished AI. The Uncharted series has been heralded as one of the finest graphical achievements in the history of the genre, and the set-pieces – which are now a staple of Naughty Dog – will surely be a digital feast which will get admirers once again showering the production company with superlatives by the bucket load.
For those eagerly looking forward to Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End in 2016, which Naughty Dog has earmarked as the end of the legendary tale of Nathan Drake, the remastered Uncharted Collection could be just what you need to satisfy the hunger. As an added bonus for those who pre-order, the Nathan Drake bundle will be available for free before it hits the stores. This add-on pack will feature Nathan Drake skins from the three games, in addition to golden AK-47 and golden 92FPS weapon options.
Catch the trailer for the Uncharted Collection below:

No Man’s Sky
In what could be one of the most important games of this generation, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky (pictured) will pit explorers in what has been described as a “survival epic in an open universe”. This tale of a vulnerable explorer will see players discover an endless list of randomly generated universes, unique to that player. Every star, planet and satellite on show will be discoverable, teeming with stunning wildlife and frightening creatures.
You will get to influence and dictate how your own game plans out, but be warned, Hello Games has already cautioned intrepid gamers that the world in which No Man’s Sky plays out is so vast in scale, getting lost among the stars is almost inevitable. Whereas such a fate might seem like a chore in any other world, after the released sneak peeks, we simply can’t wait to lose our way in this saga.
No Man’s Sky has already racked up a multitude of awards and accolades and is the epitome of innovation and pushing the boundaries; gamers are sure to enjoy an experience like no other. Whilst no official release date has been pushed, we can expect No Man’s Sky to be available during Q4 2015.
We can’t really do justice to what’s in store, so experience five glorious minutes of the gameplay trailer below:

The domestic football season is well underway, and that can only mean that this year’s instalment of EA’s FIFA series is soon to hit the stores. With an official release date September 22nd for North American players, and September 24th for the European market, the latest FIFA is sure to impress.
Hot on the trail of the successful 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, in which Alex Morgan and the United States of America walked out the victors, the series is introducing female teams for the first time in its history. This historic inclusion will feature 12 of the strongest international teams and opens the door for women’s football to play a bigger role in the franchise moving forwards. For now, however, mixed gender games won’t be playable, so you and your friends won’t yet be able to find out how Messi and Kompany would stack up against the best that the women’s game has to offer.
FIFA 16 will introduce a freshly revamped training mode system, letting players take part in ‘skills sessions’ which will develop them as players and boost their transfer value.
The official FIFA 16 trailer below is sure to get your heart racing:

For an exhaustive list of what’s coming in Quarter 4 for fans of Sony, head over to IGN’s ‘Upcoming PS4 Games’; and for those loyal to Microsoft, take a look at what the rest  2015 has in store for Xbox devotees.

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