The Best Lego Games

The wonderful thing about video games based on the idea of Lego is that they are perfect for all ages. Children will get a kick out of the toy-based entertainment and older gamers will discover all their favourite franchises, from The Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, are covered in great detail, promoting some excellent gaming opportunities.

LEGO Lord of the Rings
With Peter Jackson taking care of the movies, JRR Tolkien’s epic saga is immortalized in Lego form with a charming and humorous retelling of the three stories. The appeal of the game lies largely in the vast-scale battles and gaming world, created with a well-crafted design, replicating much of the live-action movie’s magic. There are over 50 playable characters for users to choose from as well as an array of magical weapons, including Elves’ swords and mythical long-blades.
LEGO Star Wars
With a franchise as large and as successful as Star Wars, it was inevitable that the Lego games’ developer, Traveller’s Tales, would release their own edition. The franchise has already expanded out into collectible toys for children and the addition of a video game, available on both Playstation and XBOX systems, has proved largely popular. Lego Star Wars has turned into its very own franchise in the gaming world and retells the original Star Wars stories as well as covering the complete saga, ensuring there is something for everyone and highlighting the triumph of Lego-based video games.
LEGO Rockband
Taking a few strides away from the movie franchises, Lego Rockband is another example of how the toy-based company has taken over the gaming world. Combining the success of Lego and Rock Band was a no-brainer and, though the songs are aimed at a slightly younger audience, players can import their own tracks through the charming Lego design, all of this topped off with their very own Lego avatar.
LEGO Harry Potter
Harry Potter’s success through the realm of Lego has been charted in two games, one covering Harry’s first four years at Hogwarts, the other finishing the story off. For a franchise that is directly aimed at a younger audience, it’s the perfect game and always a fan favourite. Again, with similar designs to Lord of the Rings, the game’s creator has built an enchanting (Lego) world in which to explore, forming an eerie, but always magical, atmosphere.

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