FIFA Street: Expert tips and tricks

FIFA Street tips and tricks
FIFA Street flicks its way to the UK on March 16th on Xbox 360 and PS3, but its five-a-side football plays very differently to FIFA 12.
Leet sat down with EA’s FIFA expert Marius Hjerpseth for an exclusive run-through of some of the more flamboyant in-game tricks, including how to nutmeg opponents, balance the ball on the back of your neck and even score by getting on all fours and tapping the ball into the net with your head.

Button commands (Xbox 360)

  • LB – flair (you can hold this button then press shoot, pass, chip or through ball for a stylish kick)
  • LT – lock ball
  • RT – run (or sidestep after letting go of LT)
  • RB – juggling flicks (hold or tap) / press other player
  • RS (right stick) – skills
  • LS (left stick) – movement, or close ball control when holding LT
  • A – pass/press player
  • X – air pass/tackle
  • B – shoot
  • Y – through ball

Fall to floor and roll ball into net with your head
Hold LB and LT then click the right stick (RS) in and press shoot.
Rainbow Flicks
Flick RS left then right, or vice versa.
“For this one you move the right stick to the right and then move it over to the left, and you can do Rainbow Flicks,” Marius explains.
“The cool thing about Rainbow Flicks is that depending on where the  ball is, so if you have it in front of you and do a rainbow flick you’ll get a different variation, than if, for instance, you had the ball behind you.”
Ball Juggling
“You can do juggling skills, so keep tapping RB and from here you can do Around the World (flick RS up then flick RS down), Reverse Around the World and more.”
Stamp on ball
“When you click RS in, your player will go on top of the ball, he will stamp on the ball. And from this position if you hit RB, the game will link those two together into one skill. It’s a cool way of getting the ball up in the air.”
Fake Back
“Just hold the right stick back (away from the opponent’s goal), to draw the other team’s player towards you.
“Remember the Rainbow Flick? You can actually combine Fake Back with the Rainbow, so if you go from holding the stick to the left and then flicking it forward, you’ll go from Fake Back into Rainbow. It’s all about trying to find tricks that link together well and pulling them off.”
The Marius Special (neck flick combo)
“This is one of my favourite combos.
“Walk backwards, then hit RB to knock the ball up in the air, then click RS to flick the ball up to catch it on your neck. From this position, click RB again to flick the ball up in the air and from that position you want to do a Rainbow Flick again (flick RS left then flick RS right). It looks fabulous.
“You’d get more points taking a player on in a Freestyle Match doing this as you’re linking skills together. In a Panna match you’d get two points.”
Panna matches reward you with points for each player you successfully beat with skill. When you score a goal, these points are banked. So doing The Marius Special and scoring will earn you three goals. If the opponent scores first, you’ll lose your skill points.
Standing skills
“Hold LT and flick RS up then flick RS down and you’ll get some simple touches,” Marius explains.
The Ginga Toe Hop
“Hold LB and flick RS right and from this position you can either exit or beat a defender by flicking the ball through his legs, or with a Ginga Toe Hop into a Flip Flap.”
Flip Flaps are pulled off by pulling RS down then pushing RS up.
Marius adds: “The roulette is a nice trick. You flick RS to the left and then rotate it to the other side. If you hold LB first, you’ll get a Ginga Roulette.”
Heel Chops
“Double tap RS to bottom left or bottom right, depending on which way you want to go. And again you get different animation depending on where the ball is. When the ball is away from you and you do a Heel Chop, you’ll do a backward Cruyff Turn move.”
So does holding LB affect skills, or is it just for passing and shooting?
“LB does affect it in some sense. If you hold LB you’ll get a Ginga Roulette. If you don’t hold LB you’ll get a normal Roulette,” explains Marius.
Street Ball Control video

When to use certain skills
If you go into the in-game manual by pausing at any time, you’ll see the skill list is comprised of Fundamental Tricks and Special Tricks. What’s the difference?
“Fundamental Tricks are tricks you can pull off from any angle or any situation,” says Marius. “So you’ll get different looking variations, like Heel Chop and Rainbow Flicks. Fundamental Tricks are easy to do and you can use them in any position really.
“Special Tricks pretty much look the same all the time, unlike the Fundamental Tricks, but you’ve got to think more about when you use them. So you should use these in the right positions. Everything from Knee Feints to creative stuff where you flick the ball up in the air, spin it around and backheel it should be carried out at the right time.”
How to choose the best players
In FIFA Street’s World Tour mode you can choose from the biggest English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, US and other clubs, or make your own five-a-side dream team. There are also international teams and famous street football specialists in the game, who don’t even play 11 vs 11 matches in real life.
You earn points for your custom player as you progress through the World Tour, playing matches, gaining freestyle points and ranking up. Then you can unlock skills.
“Some players have different icons next to their name on the line-up selection screen,” Marius adds. “Some defenders might have a brick wall icon which means they’re a Stopper. Some players are Powerhouses. Someone like Nani is a Dribbler. You’ve also got Speedster, Finisher and Playmaker types.

“If you’re playing a Panna match – you want to do tricks right – but you also want someone to defend your goal because you don’t want your opponent to score. So it’s probably a good idea to have a Stopper or a strong guy to defend your goal. And then have  someone fast or skilful to do the goalscoring.”
Switch off your FIFA 12 brain
“The No.1 most important thing in this game is to look at the skill mode and try and learn the skills,” explains Marius. “You’ll have more fun when you do skills.
“It’s not like FIFA 12 so you shouldn’t try to play FIFA 12. That’s the main thing. A lot of people do that the first time. They try and play it because they’re used to play it a certain way. But this is a different type of football.
“That’s what’s cool about Street. It’s not just something that could’ve been DLC for FIFA, but it’s a whole different game.
“Don’t play it like an 11 vs 11 match because that’s not what it is.”
Tips for one-on-one battles (and how to nutmeg)

FIFA Street is focused on the one-on-one battle. Marius explains how to take the ball past an opponent easily.
“You’re always focused on a defender and you want to really start using skills to get passed them. You’re not just passing it around. You can flick it over their head, for example.
“Hold LT to put the brakes on, then use LS to move the ball. Basically you want to try to lure your opponent in, so you make him commit for a tackle. Then, as he goes in for that tackle, hit RT, let go of LT and accelerate towards him. That will make your player flick the ball through his legs and run around him to get the ball again. This is how you can get the three points in Panna matches.
“You can also do the Flip Flap for instance, and if you time it correctly, you’ll get the ball through your opponent’s legs, but the easiest way to get it through the opponent’s legs is to use standing ball control (LT), get him to come close and then flick it.”
What do you think of FIFA Street? Feel free to share your tips after the game is released on March 16th.

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