Demon's Souls: best game on the PS3?

Demon’s Souls has been dubbed yet another ‘game of  the year 09’ – and it hasn’t even been given a UK release date.
Could it be the PS3’s best title yet? Is it worth importing? Leet Games Blog sifts through the hype to investigate…

Demon’s Souls – a game we hadn’t even heard of until a few days ago – is apparently one of the hardest games you’ll play all year.
You take control of a knight who you can customise into a warrior, mage or bowman, who must survive the onslaught of demons and monsters in a quasi-Diablo style world.
Kill enemies and you’ll absorb their souls to spend on new items and upgrades. But this isn’t your traditional forgiving “RPG”.
Get killed and you’ll lose all the souls you’ve amassed. You’ll turn into a spirit and must track your body down to retrieve the souls. Only before killing a boss monster.

It’s supposed to give you a horrible feeling – but as all hardened gamers know – difficulty, when overcome, feels great.
The sense of fear and dread you get from entering a new cave, is replaced by achievement and euphoria when you finally defeat that giant bridge troll and reap the experience and new weapons it holds.
Games TM gave it 10/10, and our friend Keza MacDonald at Eurogamer described it as, “It’s stoic, uncompromising, difficult to get to know, but also deep, intriguingly disturbed and perversely rewarding.”
What’s also great about Demon’s Souls is its unique online feature. Messages can be scrawled on walls by other players, which – if voted good by others – can warn you of a perilous drop or ambush around the corner.
There’s no voice chat, so you’ll have to select from pre-written dialogue choices, but with the vast array of chavs loitering Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer lobbys, who says that’s a bad thing?
You can even help each other as spirits in Demon’s Souls – but be warned. At a certain level, players can invade your realm, kill you, and steal all your experience-rich souls.
Oh, and there’s no pause button.
We can’t wait to play it.
Leet Games Blog will be playing a full-version copy next week, so expect a review soon.
In the meantime – what do you think? Another game of the year, or just another victim of the games media hype machine?

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12 years ago

Have this on American import. Awesome game, dripping with atmosphere. Every stone bleeds sorrow and dread. So hard it will break you yet so addictive you’ll be back for more time and time again.