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Artifact: From The Inside Out

Promoted article (contains affiliate links) Artifact was first announced at The International 2017, one of the biggest esports events in Dota 2 scene and esports overall, paving Valve’s way into market of digital collectible card games. The game combines specific elements of complex MOBA and TCG genres, making a unique mix we’ve yet to experience.…
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You can now support Esports News UK on Patreon

You can now help support our UK eSports coverage by donating a small amount through the ENUK page on crowdfunding website Patreon. If you're a fan of what we do, and would like to contribute, you will allow us to produce better content, cover more games and pay for better web hosting (which means our site won't…
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CD review: The Protomen Act II

Ever wondered what happened before Megaman was built? What caused the robots to take control of the city? What went wrong when Dr Light and Dr Wily were friends? The Protomen’s epic rock opera takes a new twist with Act II: The Father of Death, set before their debut CD. But is it any good?…
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