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‘The issue of UK Counter-Strike is it’s so complex’ – dephh and Bardolph talk UK scene and more at ECS finals

British CSGO professionals Rory 'dephh' Jackson (pro player for Complexity) and James Bardolph (caster and FaceIT Media VP) were interviewed on the ECS stage at Wembey's SSE Arena last weekend. Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco sat through the interview and transcribed some choice quotes in this article. Stage host Pala Gilroy Sen asked dephh and Bardolph…
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The legend of Phil Gaming (video interview)

What is Phil Gaming? Is it a meme, an enigma, a secret society that only forms when Insomnia comes around?  ENUK editor Dom Sacco asks UK League of Legends scene players (left to right) Egospeed, Hyojung and Gould about the mysterious team and what it's all about. Check out the video interview from i64 here,…
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House of Lords launches inquiry into UK broadcast regulations in light of growing streaming services like Twitch

'Can public service broadcasters compete with streaming services?' That's the question the House of Lords Communications Committee will ask academic experts next week. It's part of an inquiry into investigating whether there is a future for public service broadcasting in the context of the rising popularity of video on demand services, like Twitch, YouTube, Netflix…
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Apex Legends’ first pro UK player Wacko on joining Penta, forming a team and leaving ‘stale’ PUBG behind

Yet another team has announced its commitment to the most hyped battle royale game of the moment: Apex Legends. Penta Sports have acquired their own Apex Legends team consisting of UK's Jack 'Wacko' Middleton, France's Matthieu 'Oraxe' Ribiere and Germany's Herman 'Nesh' Kobrin. As a result, Wacko is officially the first UK player to be signed to compete in…
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