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Gross Gore banned by Twitch again after Runefest controversy

What's he done now... The amount of times I've typed the words 'UK League of Legends streamer Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen, I can type it so fast now. Anyway. The controversial UK League of Legends streamer Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen (see?) has been banned by Twitch AGAIN after his behaviour at Runefest earlier this month.…
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Diabolus Esports secure new investment: ‘The UK is ready to move up to the level of other regions’

Manchester-based esports organisation Diabolus Esports have secured new investment. They have partnered with entrepreneur Les Kerr (pictured centre), who has invested a 'significant sum' and has known Diabolus directors Ash Boycott (left) and Nick Uttley (right) for several years already. Diabolus CEO Nick Uttley said: "I am delighted to announce our partnership with Les. We…
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‘Hopefully Diamond 5 trash will be in mid-Plat now’ – UK League community reacts to new Iron and Grandmaster tiers & ranked changes

Last week Riot Games announced it will be making changes to ranked League of Legends, notably new tiers and fewer divisions within each. For example, an Iron tier has been added below Bronze (the current lowest), while Grandmaster has been introduced above Master and below Challenger (the current highest). Also, there will now be fewer divisions…
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UK caster duo Medic & Excoundrel reunite as EU Masters Season 2 gets underway

The League of Legends EU Masters has announced its broadcast talent line-up as the play-in stages begin. There's some top UK and Ireland casters getting involved alongside US caster Devin "Piratechnics" Younge. The great UK casting duo of Excoundrel and Medic reunite again for the EU Masters, after working on the first iteration of the…
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