The Boomer & The Zoomer esports podcast: View the latest episode here

Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco has teamed up with Excel Esports social media manager Nathan Edmonds for a new esports podcast!

Titled ‘The Boomer & The Zoomer’, 35-year-old Dom and 20-year-old Nathan will be discussing esports developments, trends, news, League of Legends and more in a laid-back, informal style.

We’ll be bringing you episodes throughout the year in our spare time and, in the process, hopefully demonstrate that age needn’t be a barrier within the esports community.

You can check out the episodes below, and we’ll update this post with each episode, so feel free to bookmark the page or subscribe to Esports News UK on YouTube to get the latest content as it drops each month or so.

“Welcome to the Boomer & The Zoomer podcast! We’re going to introduce ourselves and talk about how we got into esports in this first episode,” Nathan said.

“We wanted to keep it light and easy for the first episode. We’ll talk about what we do day-to-day in this industry. We don’t want this to come across as another ordinary esports podcast, we want to do something different.

“We will just talk, as simple as that! Akin to Joe Rogan or the Ricky Gervais podcast for example.”

A big thank you to Nathan for producing and editing the videos.

We’re always happy to hear your feedback too, so please feel free to DM us on Twitter (Dom or Nathan) with your views.

We hope you enjoy the show and hope to bring you another episode soon!

Episode 1: Introductions and our background

Episode 2: The esports grind and Siege’s first openly gay operator

Episode 3: Smurfing, academy teams and second chances

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