How esports is impacting casinos

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Esports has risen so much in the past few years it is hard to predict just how high the limits are. While many experts may have predicted the growth, it has had a profound effect on an array of sectors, including technology and gaming. However, unaware to most, it has had a significant impact on casinos; both physical and online.
Esports or electronic sports, as you know, are simply defined as players playing video games competitively against opponents, either in teams or individually. These esports competitions have exploded in terms of popularity over recent years; with huge sports stadiums playing host to these tournaments. Being hosted on these big stages has given the tournament hosts the ability to attract a wide range of sponsors – and more players – from around the globe. This has meant that prize pots for competitions have increased, giving a greater incentive for players to take part.
Both physical and online casinos have turned to this market to entice new players to play on them. Online casinos have now spotted the opportunity to enter markets for the lucrative esports betting sector. This not only sees more esports fans playing casino games, but it has opened an entirely new demographic that may have been tricky to pinpoint without esports. Many players from the younger generation can partake in these competitions online. Websites such as have been crucial in helping players finding the perfect casino for them.
As for land-based casinos, these have now taken esports as their own; especially in America. Seattle was long thought to be the home of esports before Las Vegas saw the potential goldmine. Nowadays, in Vegas, there are rooms for these games in most establishments, and Sin City also plays host to competitions throughout the year. It would be impossible for those that are the legal age to resist having a venture into a casino while they are there.
The trend and popularity of esports, especially amongst younger audiences, has made them a lot more attractive and entertaining as opposed to traditional online casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette. This shift in preference has also led to online casinos trying to get in on the action by entering these newly formed betting markets.
It is vital for the future of online casinos to captivate and attract the interest of these younger fans as essentially that’s where the future is. If they are behind the rest of the industry in terms of turning their attention towards esports, they’ll quickly find it much harder to play catch up effectively and could ultimately end up resulting in a loss of market share.
The most significant indicator of this is the use of virtual technology. It is widely believed that this technology will be used within online casinos to give players a unique experience; which would further encourage esports players to casinos, because fundamentally, most of the audience that loves esports do so because of the technology that is used (unique visuals/graphics or a nice PC build for example), as well as the games themselves.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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