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Vainglory’s developer wants to launch a UK eSports tournament (video interview)

Super Evil Megacorp, the developers of mobile device MOBA Vainglory, says there's a big opportunity for a UK Vainglory eSports tournament to emerge. The firm's COO Kristian Segerstrale was speaking to eSports News UK at the Vainglory 2016 European Winter Championships this weekend. "We would love to [introduce a UK tournament], we actually think there's a big…
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Video interview: 13-year-old British Vainglory pro gamer Benedict “MrKcool” Ward

Age is just a number, so they say. And Benedict Ward is certainly not letting his young age get in the way of his professional gaming ambitions. The 13-year-old Brit goes by the name of "MrKcool" in mobile-based MOBA game Vainglory, and is competing professionally at the European Winter Championship in London this weekend. With an overall prize pool of $25,000…
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