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All You Need to Know About Esports

We all know the real definition of esports: competitive video gaming, where individuals or teams compete against each other in organised tournaments and leagues. In recent years, the rise of teams, tournaments, streaming, prize pools and more have been responsible for the growth of the esports industry.

Furthermore, esports has become a profession for many people, offering the potential for high salaries and lucrative careers. While that may change in the future, with a market correction expected in 2023, esports is still competitive, with many people competing to become pro players and work in the industry. The industry is continuing to evolve and there’s more to come, because esports has gained massive recognition over the years. So, if you are planning to become an ace in this field, then the opportunity is there. Also, this article is ideal if you are interested in esports betting. 

Esports As a Profession

The esports profession still has plenty of opportunities and recognition now. But if you are wondering how individual companies recruit players, then professional esports players are hired by teams who pay them a salary to compete in tournaments and represent their brand.

In addition to a salary, many players also earn income from sponsorships, streaming and other sources. Esports tournaments can offer large cash prizes, with the most notable events providing tens of millions of dollars in total prize pools. These events draw large audiences in person and online, which has in recent years made esports a growing industry.

Those who become an online athlete or gamer will know that being a professional esports player requires dedication, skill, and teamwork. Players must regularly train, hone their skills and stay current on the latest tactics and strategies. They must also be able to perform under pressure individually and as part of a team. 

Esports has been an exciting and rapidly growing industry, and while it’s going through some challenges in 2023, it of course still offers various career opportunities for individuals with a passion for gaming and competitive play. In addition to players, there are also opportunities for careers in esports coaching, management, production and more. The industry’s growth has created a demand for individuals with marketing, event planning and broadcast production expertise.

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Recent News about Esports 

  • Are you aware of a prominent esports company in Asia, FanClash? They announced the start of the most awaited tournament, ‘CS: GO Reignite’, on January 9th, 2023. Also, reports suggest the sports betting world had the chance to greatly profit from the contest.
  • Riot Games, the company which launched Valorant, initiated some 46 layoffs earlier in the year.
  • Awards can give talented individuals and companies the respect and recognition they deserve. The 2022 Esports Awards took place late last year, with the S8UL, a leading Indian esports organisation, winning the global Content Group of the Year 2022 award. 
  • Blizzard games like Overwatch have been shut down in mainland China. 

All About Esports Betting 

What do you think after reading this? Will it be a journey full of blasts and highs after you become an esports bettor? Possibly! Esports betting is fun, but please remember to bet responsibly. Dealing with technologies and the internet makes accessing the wagering marketplace easier. Moreover, it is also convenient for punters who are gamers that already follow esports. 

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